[FAQs] Concept of Rooting Android in Short

July 18, 2012

You are reading this blog, So I am damn sure you own a android phone. We hear quite frequently about android rooting from different blogs, forums and friends. But what exactly rooting android means? Lets Understand the Term “Android Rooting” quickly in short with help of this article.

Android Phone Rooting

What Is Rooting?

Rooting is a process which allows users of smartphones,tablets or any other device running the Android OS to attain access to the systems root in the Android’s Subsystem.Rooting helps users to overcome certain limitations which might have been imposed by the hardware or software manufacturers.Rooting s to android what jailbreak is to iOS or the SonyPlaystaion 3.As android is largely based on the linux kernel,rooting an android powered device is similar as attaining administrative privileges in LINUX.

How Can Rooting Help?

Rooting a device generally enables applications to run privileged commands which is impossible in stock configuration.With rooting it id possible to do the following:

  • Custom ROM’s
  • Custom Themes
  • Custom Kernels-Improves Speed,Battery Life.
  • New Baseband-Improved Cell Reception

Unlock Additional Features-Free WiFi & USB Tethering


The process of rooting entirely depends upon the device.It includes exploiting various security weaknesses in the firmware of a device and then copying the su binary to he current process’s path.(e.g. /system/xbin/su) and granting it various permissions with the chmod command.To supervise and control all this a supervisor application like SuperUser or SuperSU which can regulate and log permission requests from applications.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Rooting?

Bricking-it’s a primary reason why you should not root your device.Bricking simply means screwing up your phone software very badly that your phone can’t function normally and is some cases won’t even boot up.Even manufacturers don’t cover bricked devices in warranty and you end up having nothing more than an expensive paper weight.

Security Issues-Rooted devices have an increased risk of unknowingly installing malicious software and applications,as after rooting your OS is virtually exposed.

 Void Warranty-Some manufacturers don’t entertain claims of rooted devices. However android devices can be un-rooted very easily.


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