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July 17, 2012

Gaming on tablets and smart phone has become a common craze among everyone. PC games are still on the top but the Android HD games improving everyday can give them a tough competition in future.

Amazing Alex for Android

Amazing Alex is a physics puzzle game released by Angry Birds creator ‘Rovio Mobiles’. They have left the birds and pigs behind have decided to start from a new puzzle series. It is a rebranded version of the indie game Casey’s Contraptions which was release last year on iPad rather than creating new game.

It is a great game for all the age and has the potential just like Angry Birds have. On the release date, the game become#1 paid app on iPhone in U.S. Amazing Alex will be successfull just like the popular android games like Temple Run, Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds. Windows Mobile users cant play this game because its only available for Android and iOS platform.

Available in three different versions that are, free version with ads and only one box to play, ads free version for $.9 and the HD version for $2.99.


Amazing alex is a whiz kid who has a boundless imagination can have tons of fun toys. It is a story of a kid who is stuck at home and uses his brain and toys to create Rube Goldberg machines. Each level presents a new challenge for users like you have to put the balls, topple some books. The items which is shown in the below of the screen can then be used to solve a puzzle and earning bonus for each of the three star.

The first 6-7 levels are tutorial which help us understand what we have to do. The real game starts after the 8th level and goes on more difficult. There ain’t a same solution foe every level, you will have to use your brain to get through them and each of the level contains something new which is very challenging.

You will have to place books, cardboard, skateboard, balloons and etc to get solution to the puzzle. You can even rotate item so that for example, the ball or the books gets into the basket or to blast a balloon by touching it to the scissors which is place on the top.


Amazing Alex

This puzzle game is difficult than any other puzzle game. The game lacks in simplicity and casual gamer re not going to like it. With each level, object some physics is involved which makes the game difficult. The early levels of the game are just a tutorial. The difficulty multiplies with each box but is very addictive. It can be a good game for small kids who has good problem solving skills.

There is no bonus for finishing the level in less or doing it in a go, in fact there are not score points. Only stars will be given to the players according to there game play. Each level have different items to fix and complete the puzzle which keeps you entertained. But to complete the next level you must have passed the previous level or else you want be able to do it.

The game is glitch-free and has over 100 levels. Users can even try “My Levels” which lets you create you own level and post it online for other players to try it. But the game lacks the “It” factor that Angry Bird has got. We rate this app 8/10.

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kale August 1, 2012 at 3:35 pm

awesome game…


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