HTC my touch 4G –Installation of ICS Android 4.0.3 Firmware

February 16, 2012

Great News For all the people owing the HTC My touch 4G, With the release of ICS Android 4.0.3 peoples can now experience the newer,better and much powerful features of the new ICS. In the due course of this article we will show you how to upgrade your “HTC My Touch 4G” with the Latest ICS Android 4.0.3 firmware also Known as Ice Cream Sandwich OS.








This Update is an unofficial 3rd party customized beta 3 version which is not completely refined. Thus It has marginal errors and glitches.

The key Features of this Upgrade are as follows:

  • Social stream API in Contacts Provider: This new API lets apps show users what the people they know are doing or saying, in addition to their photos and contact information.
  • Calendar Enhancement: Allows the Apps to add colors to events, for easier tracking, and new attendee types and states are now available.
  • Home screen widgets: Better performance of the widgets with new features.
  • Graphics: Better Graphics with more clarity and vibrance
  • New Camera capabilities: Allows the app to check and manage video stabilization and use QVGA resolution profiles where needed.
For a complete overview of what’s new in the platform, see the Android 4.0.3 API Overview.

The Following Precautions are to be taken preceding the installation to prevent any loss of important data and for the phone’s safety:


  • Make sure the Phone has around 60-80% of battery charge, if the battery runs out while upgrading it can render your phone dead.
  • Do not keep the charger connected.
  • Make sure the battery you are using is original; In case of fake batteries make sure they hold enough charge so as to run till the process is over.


  • Contacts: These are the most important, Use the “Synchronize with Gmail app” to back up your contacts list.




  • Media files: Export them to your External Drive and remove the drive before proceeding with the upgrade.
  • SMS: If you want to save your messages then use the “Sms Backup and restore app” or the above given gmail app.
  • Internet settings: It is really advised to back these up as well as many operators take much time in sending the internet setting and even some companies charge for retrieval of the internet settings.
  • Apps: After hours of searching you find the right apps, you dont wanna  lose them when we update the phone, Use the ” App backup and restore”.


This only applies if you have already updated the touch 4G with any of the Custom ROM’s:

  • Enter in the “Recovery Mode “and  choose the following

i.            Factory Reset/ Wipe data.

ii.            Wipe cache partition.

iii.            Open the advanced menu in recovery mode and also clear the Dalvik cache.


Now we will Begin the process Of Upgrading the Firmware of the Phone:


  • Copy the downloaded contents to the phone; do not copy them very deep inside the phone.
  • Switch off the Phone and enter the boot loader mode by holding down  “ Volume Up key + OK key + Power key”
  • Select the Recovery mode and then select “Install zip from SD card”, then select the “ICS Android 4.0.3” zip file followed by selecting the “Google apps” zip file  ( The one’s we copied to the Phone).
  •  If you followed the steps as Described then the Device will start updating, upon completion of the update the device will reboot.
  • If the Device Lands in recovery mode screen then select the “Go back” Option and then select “Reboot system now”.


Congratulation you have successfully Upgraded your Phone to the Latest ICS Android Firmware. Feel free to ask any questions and assistance from our experts and we shall try to resolve them as soon as possible.

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Jai February 23, 2012 at 8:44 am

any update for HTC wildfire..?


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