Install Orange Amestris v7.3 ROM Custom Firmware on Galaxy S GT I9000

April 8, 2012

Orange Amestris v7.3 ROM Custom Firmware

The Orange magic is back with the newer and powerful version of Orange Amestris ROM v7.3. The Custom Firmware has been updated and has many added features. All it is a newer version, all the bugs of the previous version has been solved. This is an unofficial update and not released by Samsung.

We strictly suggest you to follow all the pre-requisites listed below and the installation guide. Do not add any other step from your own side which may result in any injury to the phone.

Below are the features, then compatibility after that pre-requisites and then the installation guide.

Features of Amestris ROM v7.3: Based on JW1 Official Samsung’s Firmware.

Fully Zipaligned
Odex and Deodexed versions.
Semaphore Kernel 2.5.
Voodoo Colors + Sound
Thunderbolt Scripts Version 2.6.1
Supercharger V6
10 Lockscreen [TSM Parts] [ Best Lockscreen porting forever !]
Extended Power Menu
Smooth Scroll Mod Hack
Froyo GPU Drivers [2.3.6 GPU Drivers is on add-on list]
BLN patch
Sony Bravia Engine
HTC Audio Beats Engine
Auto Zipalinger and SQL database vacuum on boot
Auto Ext4 Convertor on FullWipe Version. [Better Converting than Cf-Root]
Disabled The Semaphore Auto Installation
Semaphore Dark State Brightness
Dialer with DTMF Sounds.
jKay’s full customizable Statusbar.
Orange themed Status bar.
RTL + Persian Support [also Arabic,Urdu and Hebrew]
European Keyboard is pre-installed. [Amestris Keyboard v1.2]
Extended Settings Options [Sound,Dock,Additional Data, Development]
ICS Fonts
Hacked JVU Camera [Removed the Screenshot's button, while recording movies ]
Transitions [Mixed] [ICS Style]
Non-increasing ringtone.
JVU modem on Nowipe versions, JVT on Full Wipe versions. [Accidental]
Orange Percentage Battery
2.3.5 JVT Sms, because of problem on sent time on 2.3.6 applications. you can choose 2.3.6 version from add-on list.
Sip/VoIP Enabled.
CRT Off Effects.

Compatibility: This Custom Firmware ROM is only compatible with Galaxy S GT I9000 and not with Galaxy S GT I9000B or any other version.


  • Download Download the Amestris v7.3 Firmware Package to your PC.
  • Charge the battery at least 60% to ensure that the mobile doesn’t gets turned off in between.
  • Uninstall all the antivirus software which may interrupt the installation process.
  • Your device must be rooted on the same firmware.
  • The data may get lost or corrupted after the installation process. To backup data follow the guide given below:
    • Backup SMS by using “SMS Backup & Restore app”.
    • Transfer contacts by syncing them with Gmail application
    • Store Call Logs
    • Copy Songs, Videos, Files from internal  External SD Card

Special Instructions for Users on Custom ROM Firmware:

It is very necessary to be on  XWJW1 Firmware, and we do not recommend you to update to Amestris Custom ROM Firmware from your current firmware version.

Lag fixes should be disabled from the recovery mode. Also, Dalvik Cache should be cleared completely before you start update process.

Installing Orange Amestris ROM v7.3 Custom Firmware on Galaxy S GT I9000

1. Your mobile must be rooted on the same firmware before you proceed any further. If you are not on the same firmware, then you must root your mobile on XWJW1 Firmware.

2. Download Amestris v7.3 Firmware Package from the pre-requisite section to your PC. After downloading, connect your mobile to PC via USB cable.

3. Place the file downloaded to the root of your SD card and remember not to put it too deep which may be hard to find. After placing, disconnect your mobile and enter recovery mode by pressing Volume Up button + the Home key button and turn ON your device by pressing power up button.

4. After entering recovery mode, select “Wipe data/factory reset” & “Wipe Cache partition” and clear the cache.

5. Select “install zip from sd card” > “choose zip from sd card” > “Amestris ROM v7.3 Custom ROM Firmware Zip Package” and it will take about 10 mins to install.

6. Once its done, the phone will come in recovery mode again, and after that select “++++ Go Back ++++” and then select “reboot system now” to restart the mobile.

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