LG Optimus Me P350 – Update MIUI Custom ROM Firmware

March 8, 2012

miui 5There was an recent update of Cyanogen Mod 7.2  for LG Optimus Me P350 and now one more update is awaiting for you to install MIUI Custom ROM Firmware. Before getting to the installation, pre-requisite stuff, we want to notify that it is not an Official Update and has been released by third party developer. Also remember that as its not an official update, it’s not a fully stable version and may have some bugs.

Note: Users are responsible for themselves for mishaps or damage to phone. We will not be responsible for any damage done to your device.

Caution: Do not try this update on NETWORK LOCKED DEVICES, if you do so than we are not responsible.

Pre Requisites:

  • Backup all your data so that if doesn’t get lost, we will be post a tutorial soon on how to get backup data easily.
  • Make sure you charge mobile phone at least 60%, so that it doesn’t gets switched off in between the update.
  • Close all your antivirus software and disable the firewall protection as they interrupt in between the installation process.
  • We advice you to first read some articles on LG Optimus Me P350 LG Optimus Me P35 so that it is done properly.
  • Run the device on USB Debugging Mode. This can be done by going to Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and tick the checkbox.
USB Debugging mode

Update MIUI Custom ROM Firmware in LG Optimus Me P350

Update MIUI Custom ROM Firmware

Update MIUI Custom ROM Firmware


1. Download MIUI Package and Google Apps in your pc. After downloading connect mobile to pc in mass storage mode via original USB cable.

2. Dont place the file in deep, place it on top so that you can easily find it in recovery mode.

3. Now, remore the USB cable and turn off your mobile. Press and hold”Volume Down + Call Button + Power Button” to enter recovery mode. If by mistake the device starts in normal mode, turn off and try to enter recovery mode again.

4. Clear the cache by selecting“Clear Storage” & “Wipe Cache Data” in recovery mode. After doing this, “install zip from SD Card” > “Choose zip from SD Card” and choose the MIUI file which you placed it on your mobile from pc. Also choose “Google Apps” Zip file  which you saved in the first step.

5. The installation process will start after you have chosen both files. After the installation thing is done, the device will restart automatically or will land on recovery mode.

6. If it lands back to recovery mode, select “++++ Go Back ++++” and select “reboot system now” to restart it.

Note: If some app interrupts in between you need to repreat the whole process again. Also you can enjoy New Google Play which was earlier known as Android Market

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