AT&T Motorola ATRIX 4G MB860- Software update version v4.5.141-How to?

February 17, 2012

Motorola ATRIX 4G  a Tegra 2-powered dual-core Android mobile, which  Motorola refers to as “the world’s most powerful smartphone”, features a  giant 4″ qHD screen, as well as  1GB of RAM and a powerful 1930 mAh battery to meet the needs of techno freaks. A new update is released for this Giant smartphone, if u missed the notification from motorola there is an option of manual update which we shall also be explaining you in the due course of the article.

The update covers the following refinements from the previous versions:

  • Enhancement of Wi Fi settings enabling easier setup of hotspots.
  • A fix to stop the phone from rebooting under heavy work loading and temperature.
  • It includes many major latest Android security fixes.
  • Enhancement of blue tooth features.
  • Improvement in Text messaging feature of the phone.
  • A new feature which enables the phone to maintain the contact list even after the software update.







The Following Precautions are to be taken preceding the installation to prevent any loss of important data and for the phone’s safety:


  • Make sure the Phone has around 60-80% of battery charge, if the battery runs out while upgrading it can render your phone dead.
  • Do not keep the charger connected.
  • Make sure the battery you are using is original; In case of fake batteries make sure they hold enough charge so as to run till the process is over.


  • Contacts: These are the most important, Use the “Synchronize with Gmail app” to back up your contacts list.
  • Media files: Export them to your External Drive and remove the drive before proceeding with the upgrade.
  • SMS: If you want to save your messages then use the “Sms Backup and restore app” or the above given gmail app.
  • Internet settings: It is really advised to back these up as well as many operators take much time in sending the internet setting and even some companies charge for retrieval of the internet settings.
  • Apps: After hours of searching you find the right apps, you dont wanna  lose them when we update the phone, Use the ” App backup and restore”.


Now we will Begin the process Of Updating the Software of the Phone:

You can update the software by the following two methods,

Directly, A notification from motorola to the device:

  • On receiving the notification, just pull down the notification bar and click on download to start downloading the update.
  • Once the update is downloaded a notification appears stating the file is downloaded, then click on the install icon.
  • After the installation is finished the phone will automatically get rebooted and a notification showing the updated version will appear.

Manually, Using system Update:

  • If u have skipped the notification or if u did not getting a notification update then the update can be installed from they System update.
  • Open the main menu and Browse to the settings icon and open it, then open ‘About Phone’ icon.
  • Then tap on system update icon and the system will start searching for the updates.
  • Click on download icon to start  downloading  the update.
  • After downloading click on Install now icon, the software will get installed and the phone will get rebooted.
Congrats you have successfully updated your AT&T Motorola ATRIX 4G MB860 with the latest software version.
Feel free to ask any doubts,queries and assistance from our team,we will try to resolve you problem as efficiently as possible.

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